Saturday, November 1, 2008

The Peanut's 5th Birthday

As I predicting, I have not been very successful posting regularly on my blog. School, work, home life, and more seem to get in the way. So I am going to take some time tonight to update you all on the happenings in our home over the last month or so.

On October 4th, we had the joy of celebrating the Peanut's 5th birthday. However up until that week she swore she was going to be 10 on her birthday. This was all due to her preschool teacher posting last year on the birthday poster her name and birth date 10-4-03. Being an emergent reader, she read the poster backwards, 03-4-10. So she took it to mean, "I was 3, then I was 4, so next I am going to be 10!" No amount of explaining and counting was going to change her mind. So in anticipation of her birthday, I was very careful to not put a 5 on anything to help prevent a potential meltdown over my being "wrong."

The Peanut had her birthday at Bounce U, a wonderful location filled with large inflated slides and bouncing obstacle courses. Many of her friends attended and lots of fun was had! And now she says she is 5 and she is not going to get any older! Here we go again!!! Hope you enjoy the photos!!

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