Saturday, November 1, 2008


Thought you might enjoy a few photos from last night. I was a jelly fish, my Buddy was "Bradley Skywalker", and the Peanut was "Ariel, the Little Mermaid." She would not let me take a photo of her so I snapped one as we were out trick or treating.

My Master's Degree

I have only 6 weeks of my master's degree left. YEAH!! Part of finishing my degree was making one more trip to the seminary for one of my last classes. While I was there I took a few pictures of the seminary. The trees where full of color which made it even more beautiful. One of the photos is of the door to the office for the Children, Youth and Family Ministries Department.


This past Tuesday, my Buddy was selected by his Cub Scout pack to serve as Assistant Denner for the month of November. In this role, he will be leading the pack in the Pledge of Allegiance at each pack meeting, helping with the meetings, and cleaning up after they are over. In December he will move to the role of Lead Denner which means he will also add the duty of taking attendance each week. You would have thought he had won the lottery when they selected him. He was so excited. Below is a photo of him after the meeting with his new rope badge on his shoulder to show his status in the pack. Congrats, Buddy!!!

My Buddy

My Buddy is happy to announce that on December 2 he will be making his acting debut as Dancer in the school Christmas production. He is very excited!!! He has been diligently practicing including one morning this week at 6:15 am!!!!!! Nothing like waking up to a song about a reindeer coming from your kitchen. More about the production will be posted in the future. Stay tuned.....

First Day of School

So the kids are having Fall Break this weekend. And I have just realized I never posted their first day of school photos. So just a month and a half late here they are! If you look in the doorway of the bus, you will see my buddy starting to go up the stairs. With the Peanut are her teachers in her Pre-K class, Ms. Herron and Mrs. Bane.

Sleep. . .

Since our move to Winston-Salem 16 months ago, the Peanut has had a difficult time deciding where to sleep. I am chalking this up to first of all living in a hotel room for 5 weeks, the number of transitions we have made over the last 3 years, her age, and also just wanting to be close to Mom. She has had periods of sleeping in her room in her bed, on her floor, in my bed, on my floor, and in the hallway. Below are pictures I have taken of a couple of these various sleeping arrangements. I never know when I go to bed, if she will still be sleeping where I put her to bed.

For her birthday, I bought her new bedding with horses on it. I had hoped this might help her to start sleeping in her bed again. And the results of this experiment..... See Below!! YEAH!

The Peanut's 5th Birthday

As I predicting, I have not been very successful posting regularly on my blog. School, work, home life, and more seem to get in the way. So I am going to take some time tonight to update you all on the happenings in our home over the last month or so.

On October 4th, we had the joy of celebrating the Peanut's 5th birthday. However up until that week she swore she was going to be 10 on her birthday. This was all due to her preschool teacher posting last year on the birthday poster her name and birth date 10-4-03. Being an emergent reader, she read the poster backwards, 03-4-10. So she took it to mean, "I was 3, then I was 4, so next I am going to be 10!" No amount of explaining and counting was going to change her mind. So in anticipation of her birthday, I was very careful to not put a 5 on anything to help prevent a potential meltdown over my being "wrong."

The Peanut had her birthday at Bounce U, a wonderful location filled with large inflated slides and bouncing obstacle courses. Many of her friends attended and lots of fun was had! And now she says she is 5 and she is not going to get any older! Here we go again!!! Hope you enjoy the photos!!